.          The GraceTime® LLC  Project

We do digital story telling.  Saving parts of your soul / memories and life lessons for others to learn from.  Giving you the rare opportunity to share who you and your family are and what you have done.  Allowing  you to pass your life lessons and thoughts to the multitude that might want to know.  

Over ten plus years of  GraceTime® experience has proven that thousands are hungry to learn from your experiences.  More than a headstone, obituary or family reunion, the GraceTime® process will project a world wide searchable living image of you, your personality and the life lessons you have learned.  Telling and sharing your real life story,  the way you want it told!  

An honest life story usually draws thousands of views annually.  We have found some of the shortest interviews ( 30 + or - minute ) with honest and to the point lessons are very popular.  All interviews are indexed on the GraceTime® video index backed up on You Tube.  Share with the world or make interviews private.  

       Our digital  video records could last forever.. How long will you last?

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  • Up to 2 hr  interview.
  • Up to 50 photos
  • GraceTime® index

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  • Up to 4 hrs interview
  • Up to 100 photos
  • GraceTime® index

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  • Up to 1 hr Interview
  • A Production of you!.
  • Up to 25 photos
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A grace period is the amount of time beyond the deadline, beyond the due time. It is extra time for completing a task or fulfilling an obligation.

  Everyone is someone and all have a story to be told.

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 The GraceTime® Project  We do Digital Story Telling

About your Life, skill, product or service.  Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told    

 Now and Forever.

Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told                          Now and Forever.

  We do Digital Story Telling

About your Life and Story

Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told                          Now and Forever.


Established 1997

GraceTime®, LLC

1915 E Sheridan Bridge Lane,

Olathe, KS  66062

Email: gracetime@Yahoo.com

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