About Us.

Established in 1997

Gracetime.com / Lifeandstory.org is a system developed for the creation of your personal story. It allows the extension of time for you, saving your message and the delivery of your personal experience to future generations.

Originally built to be an recording of a personal life experience. However, it is not just an epitaph but a living memoir recorded with your thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams.  

 It has turned out to be a method  to include advice, warnings and guidance for friends and family. Others simply wish to relive once again the sights, smells, sounds and excitement of their life experience.

       The GraceTime.com / lifeandstory.org production and internet web site indexing is the practical means of distributing your life lessons and experiences to those wanting to learn!

The GraceTime LLC Business contains a very technical back end employing remote servers, modern day software and communications solutions.  It is all about your personalized content, legacy creation, storage and distribution.

Easy for you and those searching for your experiences.

Truly was an easy interview.

We’ll definitely recommend!

Mr James Griffith

 Independence, KS




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 The GraceTime® Project  We do Digital Story Telling

About your Life, skill, product or service.  Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told    

 Now and Forever.

Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told                          Now and Forever.

  We do Digital Story Telling

About your Life and Story

Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told                          Now and Forever.


Established 1997

GraceTime®, LLC

1915 E Sheridan Bridge Lane,

Olathe, KS  66062

Email: gracetime@Yahoo.com

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