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The GraceTime Project will select one Senior Living Center , church or other group each month, to receive up to:   

     5  Legacy style video interviews deals

                            @ 50%off  

 Interviews to be done in a group setting, on site and then posted to the GraceTime / You tube Internet video index. A great program for Senior living, church groups,  assisted living areas and other like organizations.   If your group is interested in participating, Call or email us         

       Email us @

                 or call 913-522-8513.

   Include name, location and contact information.  

Questions that you need to consider when creating your personal legacy video / message. Depending on the length of your message and how many messages you might want to create, will determine the best path for recording your project.

So lets get started assuming you want to create a living 10 to 15 minute “legacy” presentation.  The main purpose of this recording is to create a general overall video image showing who you are and demonstrating your core values.  Personality usually comes through very clearly. However, in this setting, you will have an opportunity to relate bits of wisdom that you have come to understand as true and helpful in living a good life. It is important to pass this type of information down.

Basic questions will be asked by the interviewer to help you with the flow and order of the interview.  Your name, birth date, birth place, schooling, career choices and about family.  Once past these basics, we will explore your highs and lows in life.  Your special memories and family bits of wisdom handed down to you.

For the 10-15 minute legacy video, you might have five to ten pictures, props or other means to demonstrate what you are wanting to relate, these can be edited in to the project.  

If the subject can not be available for a live video recording, the most effective way is to record the subjects life story at the dinner table using a audio recorder.This recording can be of any length, as long as there is in each experience explained to you a description of where they were, when, why and what they did see in there surroundings. If it was a sailor (what division, company, where trained?), and they were on a ship (what ship), why were they there (etc).

Detail about anything said is important. This way most information, photos and detail can be researched and produced later.Your family photos are your challenge to find if needed. Number them in the order you want to be presented.

For the longer  “tribute style” Memorial (for deceased or absent individuals) there is another way that is done quite effectively.  For a 10 to 15 minute production. Simply gather up about 70 photos arranged in a time line that reflects the subjects life. Group them according to the story order you want and then you or friends and family sit down and make a audio / video recording talking about or explaining the pictures, one by one.   Pictures are priceless and The GraceTime Project does not want them to be lost. To complete the project, you need to number them and have them, in order and saved on a digital form (DVD or CD).  

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Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told                          Now and Forever.

  We do Digital Story Telling

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Telling your “Real Story” the way you want it told                          Now and Forever.


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