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“Everyone Is Someone.. and all have a story to be told.”

Summer Contest and activities…..


Attention Senior Living Centers / Church groups    FREE!  Promo!

During the summer Months, The GraceTime Project will select one Senior Living Center (or church group), each month, to receive 4 FREE Legacy style video interviews for its select residents. To be done in a group setting and then posted to the GraceTime / You tube Internet data base. All subject to GraceTime rules and terms.

If your group is interested in participating, add your organizations name and address (with contact info) to the pool for selection by emailing GraceTime@yahoo.com or calling.  ___________________________________________________

Don’t forget our group rates.

A great program for Senior living environments, assisted living areas, church groups and other like organizations. If interested please contact GraceTime@yahoo.com.  Include name, location and contact information.  

gracetime@yahoo.com  or  Call for details.  We tithe.

Your location can be anywhere there is an aging population.

You, or the organization you belong to, can earn your organization a set amount for each paid interview the GraceTime® Project process completes. The process is very simple.  

For groups, Your responsibility will be coordinating the interview appointments  and providing a location for the GraceTime® Project to do all the interview work . Once you get the interviews scheduled,  the GraceTime® Project will do the rest.  Methods for delivering the resulting interview content for the subjects will be discussed when your group successfully apply.

The GraceTime® Project will edit, produce and publish the interview.

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  Don Albreky

 Rose Erington