Dan Stark

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N0CRD   Amateur Radio Call

  Olathe, Kansas 66062

 Well, at 74 years of age (2018) and looking back, I have always been a dreamer and experimenter! Not afraid to walk into an area I am not familiar with. Willing to make big mistakes to learn and apply new found results. Taking a risk to experience the gain of knowledge or rewards that step might bring.  I have always been a risk taker and some times failing miserably. But not always! Sometimes the rewards are really fruitful!

An Amateur Radio license is your ticket to experimentation. Experimentation is how you learn!  Don’t be afraid of it!  However, before you do take a risk, learn all you can and minimize the risk!

Risk taking might be the very trait that has built my strong background in Electronics, Computers and Amateur Radio!  Because of this trait I have always been a little ahead of the technology curve, for my age, even before I was ten years old.

My first experiment (a confession) as I recall at the age of ten or eleven.  I was listening to a AM broadcast radio science show (about circa 1954) describing how you could make a microphone out of several pencil leads by laying them across two razor blade (sharp edges up) and with the two wire leads (for the audio) coming off the two razor blades.  What I didn’t understand at the time was this was audio not 110 volt ac.  Not knowing the difference at the time, Of course, when I connected the razors to the 110 v outlet… a hole was quickly burned into the carpet!  No one in my family or neighborhood understood this process nor appreciated it! Nor did they offer to tell me why this result happened!  They did inform me what would happen should I do it again on the new carpet!  This failed experiment, for me, started a whole new search for answers, and maybe a vocation!

Yes even in my lifetime professional occupations, the same reasoning (only now educated) would lead to daring and bold moves to learn, experiment and apply. And without getting to deep into resumes, you can be assured that I have traveled the bleeding edge nationally and some internationally, learning, marketing and successfully applying some very new technologies in electronics, communications and software… The bleeding edge is a roller coaster ride you would never forget!  Better to stay close to the cutting edge. The thrill keeps leading you back to the beginning of the loop! You will want to discover more and more once you go down this road!

ell, at 70 years of age and looking back, I have always been a dreamer and experimenter! Not afraid to walk